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Customer Service Excellence



Customer Service Excellence Workshop


(Public Workshop)


Workshop Details:



Date:  02 December 2008
Time:   09:00 - 17:00
Duration:  1 Full-Day Program
Venue:  Toa Payoh HDB Hub






*Only participants who send in their registration and full payment before 

25 November 2008 are eligible for the Early Bird Promotional Price.





Group of 2

Group of 3

S$178.00 per participant

S$148.00 per participant


Workshop Objectives:


  • To improve interpersonal skills and customer service strategies.

  • To influence customer more positively using social style technique.

  • To identify strengths and weaknesses in each participant in relations to customer service.

  • To describe non-verbal communication techniques in conjunction with customer service. 

  • To handle crisis and the angry customer effectively, and ensure he will come back again.


Workshop Outline:

1.    Customer Excellence Depends on You

You will make the significant difference whether the customer will continue doing business with your company, it’s not the product or service you provide that the customer will consider, and it’s the care and attention that they receive, that can only be provided by YOU!


2.    What is Customer Satisfaction

A classic film of an average Joe who receives his fair share of Good, Bad, and Ugly service which makes us realize, the impact of poor service and how to give good service, and why it’s so important.


3.    Having Positive Customer Attitude

Your attitude is the single most important factor, which will determine your willingness to strive for customer service excellence. What makes you negative and how to develop a positive mental attitude?


4.    Communication to Improve Customer Service

65%-70% of customer’s complaint and misunderstanding is normally contributed to communication problem. Common Listening barriers and how to overcome them? How to be an effective communicator?


5.    Customer Service on the Telephone

The image of the company will be determined by the way the Telephone is handled, whether you get the business or not, telephone courtesy and telephone manners is missing on the telephone, use a professional standard to answer the phone.


6.    Understanding / Social Styles to Provide Customer Service Excellence

To understand self, half the battle is won, identify ones strengths and weaknesses, who is most likely to scold customer and who is most likely the give the world to the customer. How to make up for ones weaknesses in handling customers


7.    Mastering Body Language

To understand and read non-verbal gestures, what each gesture might imply and how to use positive body language to welcome and encourage the customer, what are the common negative gestures and how to show confidence?


8.    Customer Communication Process to Handle Complaints and Crisis Situation

When a customer complaints, how the complaint is handled will determine the customer’s satisfaction and whether he will continue to do business with your company in the future, the negative backlash, informing all his friends and associates of his bad experience with your company, it is therefore vital that every complaint is handled well.  




All modules are interactive and include a variety of adult learning techniques, role-plays, lecture, group discussion, situational analysis, exercises and video.


Workshop Leader:





MR. Michael Low




Michael entered the world of selling at the age of eighteen and immediately made his mark as a salesman by topping his group within the first three months selling encyclopedias.  Selling was too much in his blood and upon completion of his National Service, he joined American International Assurance as a Life Underwriter. He proved himself right again when he achieved the Million Dollar Club Award on his second year.


A doer and firm believer in professionalism, Michael continued to notch up his reputation everywhere he went.  Amongst them: The top salesman with Petrofax, a leading American preventive maintenance chemical manufacturer and was assigned to train the company's distributors in New Zealand, Tahiti, Fiji and Tonga; Headed the Sales Training Division of the Initial Services Group of Companies dealing with industrial hand care and because of his uncanny ability to launch new products and conduct sales training, he was sent to England for further Sales and Management training, one of the few sales trainers associated with Business Development Systems distributors of the American Salesmasters, the leading sales training company in the world.  With the blend of American and British sales training techniques, he now has the advantage of providing his audience with a unique and effective approach to training. The key sales training consultant for Dynamic Life for five years.


Trained Dr Dennis Wee in 1988 in Sales Training, Dennis acknowledges ‘Michael Low as his first ‘sifu’ (coach) in his book ‘Making Luck with your Hands’ Dennis has more than 2,000 realtors. One of the key speakers for the National Personal Effectiveness Convention 1993 and National Sales Convention 1993 ( Malaysia ).  President of SWAP CLUB Singapore (Salesperson with a Purpose) 15th & 16th Executive Council 1993-1995. Speaker for First National Sales Convention 1994 ( MIS ). Associate Training Consultant for Sales Academy- Marketing Institute of Singapore ( MIS ). Key note speaker for First Congress for Realtors 1995 conducted by Association of Realtors, for SAPES (Singapore Association of Personal & Executives Secretaries) Annual Conference 1995, Executive Secretary PA Symposium 1996 Organized by IIR(Institute for International Research), Speaker for CORPCOM Asia Pacific Corporate Communications & Public Relations Summit organized by IIR. Volunteer Training Consultant for SANA (S'pore Anti Narcotic Association) - After Care Counseling, Youth for Christ, Leads and conducts Services monthly in Prison. ( Prison Counselor since 1995) Associate Training Consultant for Singapore Institute of Management ( SIM ), 1998 Key Motivational Speaker for British Telecomm in Chang Mai. Speaker for Power Sponsorship organized by Singapore Tourist Promotion Board 2000. Key speaker for “Striving for Success Through Self Development” by NTU Muslim Society & NIE Malay Language Culture Society Oct 2001.Key Speaker for Annual Sales Training: SingTel Yellow Pages, design sales kit and product presentation, retainer for 5 months.


Michael has not only learnt and experienced selling successes but also tasted their setbacks and pitfalls.  His vast knowledge of selling and customer service is not only based on his wide exposure to sales training schools, books and cassette tapes, but also from being mainly at the place where the real action is, the market place.  In Michael, audience will find his frank and warm approach fulfilling and exciting but most of all, an encounter so enriching that will leave you asking for more.  


Who Should Attend:


All Professionals, Engineers, Consultants, Managers, Entrepreneurs, Marketing Executives, HR Personnel and other professionals.


Anyone and Everyone whose career involves the need to communicate with customers and stakeholders will benefit from these sessions.

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